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We use loopholes to hack into the databases of websites. We resell them directly here. By buying, you are the sole owner of the logs. The sold logs are deleted and we do not resell them.

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For obvious reasons, we only accept payment via various cryptocurrencies. Everything is always automatic!

Who are we? Where do we come from?

We are the "Misopal Family", a group of 7 people living in Russia with a passion for hacking. We don't work in the computer field but it's our passion since we were little. We are known on all the forums, both on the clearweb and the deepweb. We are quite discreet about our activities

Tell us more about the service offers unused private combolists. If you use software like Openbullet or others, you will get results that nobody else has ever had and also many more results than free combolists.


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